Munford High School

Senior Yearbook Ads – Class of 2018

The Munford High School Yearbook staff is now accepting senior recognition ads for the Class of 2018. These ads will be featured in a special section of the 2017-2018 Cougar yearbook. Please take this opportunity to tell your senior how proud you are of his or her achievements!

We have lowered the cost of ads this year by 50% to make this special memory more affordable!

All ad requests must be submitted no later than December 15, 2017. Please follow the instructions below as you construct and submit your ad.

Ad Prices:

1/8 page:          $30.00            ¼  page:                 $60.00

½  page:         $100.00             1 page :               $200.00


Instructions and Guidelines

·        Decide on the ad size you wish to purchase.

·        Collect photos (either printed or digital)

·        Pictures may be turned in digitally via the email listed below, flash drive, disc, or loose. Loose pictures will be scanned and returned once the ad is complete. Please be aware that loose pictures do not have the same quality as digital pictures and that we are not responsible for lost or damaged pictures. Therefore, digital is preferred and if an original is used please make a copy before submitting.

·        Write a personalized message to be included with the ad submission, following the guidelines below.

1/8 page: ($30) Include two photos maximum and up to 50 words, including

the salutation.

  ¼ page: ($60) – Include three to four photos and up to 100 words, including the salutation.

½ page: ($100) – Include five to six photos and up to 150 words, including the salutation.

     Full page ($200) – Include 8 photos maximum and up to 175 words, including the salutation.

·        Complete the order form and return to Ms. Tyler in room 129 or submit to:

MHS Yearbook Staff, c/o Jennifer Tyler, 1080 McLaughlin Dr., Munford TN 38058

 Or via email:


Special Instructions: The yearbook staff reserves the right to decline inclusion of photos or text that are inappropriate for inclusion in our publication, or may ask the customer to make changes. If you are submitting photos digitally, be sure that all submissions are carefully identified with your senior’s first and last name. Neatly handwrite your personal message in the space provided on the order form OR submit a typed message. Please be sure to adhere to the length guideline printed in these instructions.

Tiffany Kelley,
Nov 29, 2017, 8:50 AM